Saturday, September 19, 2015

Memories from the past

Today I went to visit my tenant to tell her that hopefully very soon I will be able to bring more plants for her, and found her very excited, having just received a big box that she obviously had been expecting.

She asked me to help her open it, since the contents were delicate.  I did, and this is what surfaced once it was open:

She was very happy when she saw them, and she told me they were very special plates.  I asked if they were replicas of the famous Titanic china, but she smiled and said they were actually the real thing.  My face must have shown my surprise,  and she explained the husband of her daughter had been so generous as to let her keep them in her home, as he knew they would be safe with her.  I asked if he was a collector of Titanic memorabilia himself, and she smiled coyly and said "not exactly".

As I was wondering what kind of contacts she may had that they let her have very valuable historic pieces, she said she herself was a survivor of the Titanic - she had said that before, but I really did not paid any mind to it.  She also let me know that she had a box with mementos of the time, and said if I was interested in seeing it, she would look for it and show me tomorrow.

I was very excited for the offer, and I accepted.  I cannot wait to see what she has kept all these years from the so famous steamer.

Fantasy apart, the plates come from Twelve Times More Teeny.  SofĂ­a has a wonderful collection of dollhouse plates with dozens of designs.  She even has replicas of my real life plates.  I am sure you will find something there that you just need to have! 

I made the shipping box and labels with these templates that you are welcome to download.


Janice said...

Beautiful plates with such a history too! Loved the story it made me smile.

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Thank you Janice :)