Sunday, August 9, 2015

Penny Dreadful Magazines!

I don't know how I did not think about this before!  What better way to capture the gothic literature from Victorian times than penny dreadfuls!

When I searched "Penny Dreadful" the first thing that popped up were links for the famous HBO series.  I wonder how many people actually know that penny dreadfuls were British weekly publications that costed a penny, and that were supposed to be about gory and bloody events.  Probably the most known penny dreadful is "Sweeney Todd, or The String of Pearls".  My first penny dreadful was, obviously, "Varney the Vampire".  Did you know that Varney had more than 500 episodes the first time it was published?  Talk about telenovelas!

As predicted, my lovely tenant asked for some copies for herself.  She is very fond of Varney.  She insists the poor soul is just misunderstood.

In any case, they are available now for sale in my shop, so go take a look and buy some.  If you have a Victorian home they are definitely a must!


Janice said...

These are fun!

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...


linnea-maria said...

I think the name of the tv serie is perfect; all these gothic novels gathered in one tale.