Saturday, August 8, 2015

Magazine project finished... and more

My vampire tenant had a lot of stuff to show me today.

She said she finally finished organizing her magazines (I would have never thought that she liked reading magazines, but she is full of surprises).  She was very happy with the holders I made for her, and she made very good use of them:

She has quite a collection of magazines, from very different subjects.

Dark Realms is a magazine that is no longer made.  It featured gothic artwork, which she says she very much enjoyed.  Besides them, cinema and TV magazines featuring vampires and werewolves programming.  My tenant says Eric from True Blood, and Damon from The Vampire Diaries are yummy (!).  

Besides, a collection of magazines that belongs to her goddaughter Claudia - my tenant says she loves mermaids.  Besides, a collection of National Geographic isssues, featuring animals for Claudia and an issue about the sinking of the Titanic - my tenant says she was on the ship's maiden voyage and that she survived miraculously.  And finally, some issues of Gothic Beauty - she very much enjoys the pictures of the pretty clothing.

The Darkness Magazine is a non-existent publication that I made up some time ago with my picture on the cover.  If you want to make your own magazine you can do so here.

As a fun addition, the National Geographic magazines have an ad on the back:

They are all now neatly organized in her room and her parlor:

Also, she went shopping and bought a gift for her beloved:

The lovely pocket watch was made by Tj Miniatures.  I made the box and the bag with the label.  Now it is waiting besides the chatelaine for Selma.

I am working now on some magazines for my Etsy shop.  I am sure when I finish them my tenant will want some issues for herself.  More on that very soon!

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