Friday, May 1, 2015

Miniature puzzles

I am a puzzle fan, and I have posted here some of the puzzles my husband and I did in the past.  You cannot imagine my surprise when I found on Etsy a seller that had miniature puzzles for dollhouses!  

His shop is called Amatheria, Pablo is the owner, and he has some amazing miniatures that I very much regret I cannot put in my own dollhouse.  Take a note of this wonderful Art Nouveau set:

Or these amazing working miniatures. A TV set:

Or a gramophone.  Maybe I can save for one of these:

For now, I purchased a puzzle with a design by Alphone Mucha - "Job":

It was a gift for my vampire tenant.  I must say she did not seem very happy when she saw it, but she took it from my hands and said she was going to do it immediately.  I was baffled, but then I remembered that thing about vampires having to stop what they were doing when someone throws a bag of thorns or seeds in the floor before them and they have to count each and every one of the dropped items.  Maybe puzzles are something like that for them too.  I hope she is not very angry at me...

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