Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FinFun Mermaid Barracuda black tail skin review

My dear husband gifted me with a new tail skin, the FinFun Mermaid Barracuda Black, from the Mermaidens Collection.  When the new designs (red, black, Celtic green and rainbow) came out, I wanted to give them a try.  So, here is how everything went.

I had no problems while purchasing on the website.  Once I selected my size (I chose size M)  the system recommended a monofin that would fit me.  I was hoping that my Magictail monofin would fit into the skin, so I selected "none".  I wanted to try, and if the monofin finally did not fit, I would purchase a FinFun monofin in the future.  Also, being a USA import to the EU, buying skin and monofin separately would save me the import fees.

I paid through PayPal, as usual, but credit cards are also taken.  The package shipped in less than 24 hours and it came in 10 days (in the middle of the Christmas season), which I thought was pretty fast - I selected the cheapest shipping option, which was $10.

The tail skin came packaged in a cardboard box, inside a lovely blue organza bag, with tags and a mermaid sticker.  When I tried to fit the Magictail monofin in the tail skin, it actually fitted, which was a nice thing.

Here is a video showing the tail:

And here are some pictures:


Detail of the dragon type scales

Detail of the fluke

Comparison with the Magictail skin

Detail of fluke with the Magictail monofin inside

It really fits!
 Looking forward to using it!

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