Sunday, November 23, 2014

Renovations and new stuff - lots of pictures!

Here are the promised pics.  Let me tell you a bit about everything that is new and why it is there.

Let's start with the bedroom:

My vampire tenant is a great admirer of the arts; in past times she was a great cellist, as well as a famous ballet dancer.  You can see her cello just beside the vanity, and a box with her pointe shoes (new, a gift from my mother).  The black velvet purse is also quite new, from Pedrete Miniaturas (also a gift from my mom):

On the vanity, a necklace with a black and white cameo, from Stephanie Dollhouse.  Being a proper Victorian lady, my tenant loves Victorian jewelry.  The silver jewelry chest is a pendant from Swarovski Elements, of which I removed the jump ring that was on the lid.

On the table rests the new fancy hand lenses from LXL Cruces:

Besides Perséfone's crib rests the new teddy bear, waiting that she wakes up to be played with:

I don't think I ever mentioned that Perséfone's bed clothes are from the lovely Anabela - sorry I don't have a picture of the bed clothes.  I couldn't ask that Perséfone be awaken to take a pic.  This is the listing pic that Anabela took - the blanket is in my mother's house; it was too big for Perséfone:

And waiting to be delivered, there is a special package for my tenant's lady-in-waiting, Selma:

It is a wonderful silver chatelaine, from Black Rose Miniaturesx.  I made the box, and I decorated the lid with a modified pattern from Vectoria Designs, as well as the gift tag.  I am particularly proud of the bow, which is the first one I have made in miniature:

On the studio there are some major renovations.  The curtains have been changed, and a new chair added to acommodate the style of the working desk.


The curtains are from the shop of the talented Tanya Shevtsova.  If you ever are in need of curtains, I highly recommend her.  They are simply astounding; they are also a gift from my mother.  I need more new curtains for the drawing room - soon, for my birthday, I hope.

The only new thing that has been added to the drawing room is a new chair; well, to call it a chair is somehow not enough:

Yes, the two red chairs have been moved to the shop, and a throne with a silky pillow is now the central point of the drawing room.  Well, she says she used to be the queen of a small country in the Carpathians.  I am not going to argue with her... You can see the new medieval sword from LXL Cruces in the wall, just beside the grandfather's clock.

In the shop, we have a couple of baby dragons keeping a watchful guard of the stuff.  They both come from Fat Cat Designs Minis:

See the two new baskets, waiting to be filled, and the candle holder on the table

You can see on the wall the mushroom plaque and a new picture: Séance, by Stephen Mackey.  Also, details of the new crystal objects:

And finally, the realistic pumpkin sitting by the doorstep:

When Fall is over, it will go to the shop.  And the new key with tassel, waiting in the console in the porch:

The two ladies in the frames are my grandma (left) and my mother (right), when they were younger.

I hope you enjoyed the visit!  Come back anytime; my tenant will surely be happy to see you and invite you to some absinthe.

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