Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New H2O Just Add Water crystal necklace

I recently finished watching the third season of the H2O series, and while searching the internet for pictures of the crystal necklaces, I came across a new Swarovski bead that I had not seen before, the Galactic pendant, and upon comparing it with the crystals on the girls' necklaces, I thought it was very similar to the one in this picture of Rikki:

It is obviously not the same bead, but I thought the differences were smaller than with the De Art pendant or the Wing pendant.  So, lo and behold, I purchased a 27 mm Galactic pendant from Crystals and Silver, along with a sterling silver bail.  They came super fast, and I already have the pendant hanging from a chain. Although the aquamarine color is not perfect, it is very bright and pretty, and reflects the light beautifully.

Another version of the season three necklaces,  for all you H2O fans out there!

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