Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Murder, she wrote

So, my mom has been feeling naughty these last weeks, and, as a Hercule Poirot and Jessica Fletcher fan, she has been planning a murder on one of her dollhouse scenes.

Imagine an office where a crime has been comitted: a woman walks in to find her husband murdered, a knife on his chest, and cries for help.  Someone hurries and finds this scene:

The pool table is out of place and a chair has been knocked over. The corpse still bleeds and the blood is covering the floor.

It cannot have been a robbery.  The safe has still all the bank notes inside...

The man is shocked and the woman is still hysterical.

LOL.  The blood looks so awkward because it is red clay with a shiny nail polish layer!  Mom did not want to use red dye for obvious reasons. 

Who is the murderer? Stay tuned for more episodes...

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