Friday, January 24, 2014

The drawing room renovations

So, my vampire tenant said that the drawing room in the dollhouse had been planned for a human inhabitant, and that was fine, but she had no need for some of the items on it, and asked for some renovations.  Sometimes it is stressful to keep her happy, but I am happy to oblige because I adore her.  Let me show you how the drawing room was before:

She said she had no need for a china cabinet, or even china, since she is not so fond of tea or coffee.  Instead, she wanted it replaced with a bookshelf to have a library - the book cart was too small for her.  She also wanted new wall art - and for the dog to find another home.
This is the after, althoug it is far from finished:

I substitued the china cabinet for the bookshelf, and replaced the existing paintings for some with a medieval theme, which she likes very much.  The bookshelf needs still to be painted but that will be done soon.  My tenant says she misses her castle, but now she feels more at home.  The tapestry and the coat-of-arms are a nice addition too, she adds.  I have a surprise for her, since I bought 3 big shields that are going to be put on the wall beside the clock - but they will take some time since they are unpainted (don't say anything to her!).

The Pomeranian dog has found a new place to live in my mother's garden (they are doing a barbecue party over there, so he is quite happy with the change), and a kitty in his basket is sleeping now near the table.  I mentioned before the new chandelier with LED lights.  

But I wanted to note specially the books on the shelf.  Some I already had, but the new batches come from Treefeathers, and the big Dracula volume that is on the book cart is from Lee Ann on eBay:

The books from Treefeathers feature real antique editions of the covers of the books; and the Dracula volume is written: it has the first chapter of the book in tiny tiny print.  The shelf still have lots of room for books, but those will keep coming in time...

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tener a los inquilinos contentos es muy importante, sobre todo si es exigente, y las reformas siempre dan lugar para disfrutar
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