Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy MiniBirthday!

Today is my birthday (yayyyyy!) and my mother has gifted me a couple of oh-so-beautiful minis that I could not wait to share!

My vampire tenant had been complaining for years that the round white wire table she had in her studio was SO not to her taste and that she wanted it removed and replaced for something adequate to her dignity.  I was always sorry to inform her that I had not found any suitable table, although I had never stopped looking.  

Well, when I purchased for her the tapestry depicting Sir Galahad, she suggested that the talented lady that made it maybe had something that she could use as table.  And indeed she was right!  But the table she liked was out of my budget, and my mother bought it and gifted it to me today.  

I just came back from redecorating the studio.  This is how it was before:

See the dreaded table under the velvet cloth
 And after:

She is so so happy with her new writing desk!  The lid can hold papers and books, and it lifts to reveal an storage space underneath.  The drawer opens and it even has a small key hole. Another wonderful piece from Linda Sweigart

I like the room very much now: it's more visually appealling, it looks like it has more space.  I am waiting the delivery of a gothic chair to match the desk, which I know will make my vampire tenant ecstatic.

She is also very happy to have a new chandelier in the drawing room:

It's another LED lamp with batteries.  She says it will be great to read her new collection of books - I will tell you all about them very soon, as well as the reformations that had been happening in the drawing room...

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Linda said...

I'm so pleased to discover that my desk and Sir Galahad tapestry have such a lovely and delightfully interesting new home.

Linda Sweigart