Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nail design of the week

So, as I mentioned, I wanted to try a sailor-inspired manicure tutorial before Summer was over.  I saw this great manicure at Radi D's blogspot:

Picture from Radi D's blogspot
I wanted to try something similar, but I omitted the anchor and life saver stickers, and made my own version of it:

These are the tools I used:
Unglax nail hardener as base coat
Essie Blanc nail polish
Blue nail art tape
Seche Vite top coat
Naio coconut cuticle oil for the cuticles when everything is finished and dry

I do like this design very much, but I had some troubles with the tape.  Although I made sure the tape was well sticked to my nails, I ended up with the ends lifting, even after applying the top coat.  I am guessing part of it is my fault because I touched the stripes too much, but also I noticed that the rubbing/friction of my nails against my fingers may have been contributed to the lifting.

I hope I can do soon another manicure featuring nail art tape.  Maybe a design that does not involve the tape going to the sides, to avoid this problem...

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