Friday, September 6, 2013

Another great app for iPad and iPhones

If you are a person that enjoys what I call "ambiance sounds", this is a must!  

This app is called Sleep Pillow, and it is what people call "white noise", that is, certain sounds that make you relax and get to sleep.  Have you ever heard that the fastest way to put a baby to sleep is to turn on the vacuum?  With this app, you get a full collection of noises that will put you to sleep fast, including a vacuum noise!

Seriosly, the collection has many sounds, including:
- falling rain (big drops, small drops, rain on a tent, rain on a car)
- thunderstorms
- wind
- fireplaces
- water (drops, big and small waterfalls, crushing waves)
- birds
- forest sounds
- horses
- whale songs
- bubbles
- street noise
- cars, trains and airplanes
- clocks
- heartbeats
- windchimes
- TV and radio static
- fans
- hair dressers
- vacuums
- washers
- tracks with relaxation music
- lullabies

There is a free version with just some of these options; the paid-for version has everything that I have listed.  Here you have some info on the app.  The price tag is $1.99.

My impression?  I absolutely love it!  I used to have (still got it) a big collection of nature sounds that I would put on sleeper mode in my CD player.  The player broke long ago, but this collection makes up for the loss.  Hubby sets it on and I am sleep in less than 10 minutes.  

A great thing about this app is that you can indeed set it on sleep timer, and it will fade out when the time runs out.  Also, if your iPad has a cover, it will keep playing even if you shut the cover.  It also has an alarm set, a sliding bar for the volume, and pictures for every sound available.  The pictures are nice, crisp and very descriptive.

Listening to the whale songs as of this moment... Highly recommended!

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linnea-maria said...

Oh my. I feel different! :).
I need to have a completely silent and completely dark room to be able to sleep. The only sound I prefer to sleep to is the sound of my youngest son's breething.
I guess this app is good for those with tinnitus