Monday, August 26, 2013

Nail Design of the Week

It was some time since I wanted to do this beautiful Indian inspired nail tutorial by IndigoNova1:

After doing it, these are the results:

And these are the tools I used:
Unglax nail hardener as base coat
Colorama Turquoise Seas (#107)
00 artist brush
Blue rhinestone
Seche Vite top coat
Naio coconut cuticle oil for the cuticles when everything is finished and dry

My nails are considerably shorter than the ones in the video so I had to do a smaller design - smaller teardrop, less dots, no green rhinestone.  It came out better in my left hand (of course) than in my right hand.  Since it is so complicated (at least for me) I only did it as an accent nail in my middle fingers.

I absolutely love it!  This design is simple enough to not be overkill, but at the same time it is dainty and delicate.

Since Summer is ending, I do not know how many times more I will be painting my nails blue.  I just adore when they are in sync with my tail! 

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