Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Illusionist locket: a Review

By now you all already know that I adore lockets.  Well, last Christmas my mom gifted me one of The Illusionist lockets made by Jim Anderson of Illusion Lockets.

Even though it is not made of a precious metal, it is one of the loveliest locket I have ever seen.  Not only for the amazing design that works exactly like the one in the movie "The Illusionist", also because it is handcrafted of wood, and polished shiny.  The wood is so soft it feels like touching a violin.

As stated, you open it just like the one in the movie.  But, did you know that the one that appears in the movie are actually 2 different lockets, one for the oval shape and one for the heart shape?  The magic of movie production makes them look like one, but they are not.  Jim Anderson has achieved what Hollywood could not!

My locket is made of Honduran Rosewood, has a sterling silver bail and a white butterfly.  Here are some pictures of my locket:

The locket phases

Back of the oval shape

Back of the heart shape

As you can see, you can safely storage two pictures inside.  They are framed in brass components that help the locket rotate into the different positions.  When you buy the locket you can choose between sterling silver, 14 carat yellow gold or 14 carat white gold bail (prices adjust accordingly when you make your choice).  You can also choose if you want a wood or an acrylic locket, as well as the material of which the butterfly will be made of: white acrylic, sterling silver or 14 carat yellow gold.

What you will get with your order is:
- the locket of your choice
- two lovely presentation jewelry boxes (one inside the other)
- a certificate of authenticity, stating the number of your locket, the wood it is made of and the signature of the creator
- a picture punch - to punch your pictures the exact side you need them to be to put in the locket
- double sided tape
- instructions showing how to open the locket and to put inside your pictures - if you would rather watch a video on how to do this, MetroHero2012 has a great one that can help you.

I absolutely love my locket.  I have had many people asking if it was "just like the one in the movie", and if it did really work, and where they can get one like it.  I am always pleased to show it and see the amazement in their faces when they see it twisting and opening.

Here is a short video showing how it works:

I hope if you get one, you will be as happy with it as I am.  Thanks, mom!


contar said...

es una joya realmente bonita y original, felicidades
un abrazo

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Muchas gracias, Contar!
Un abrazo, gracias por pasarte por aquí :)