Saturday, April 13, 2013

A new Steampunk corset

Steampunk craze is getting on to me!

The new corset is a gift from my mother, showing here:

Image from the Corsets UK website
I am breaking it in just as I type this.  I love the design, specially the buckles and the swivel closure.  I used to like very much this other Steampunk corset from Corsets UK, but since Lucy made a review stating that the closing swivels were not strong enough for tight lacing and the front opened, I have been hesitant to buying it.  When I saw this one I thought it was nice to have a proper busk with just a swivel detail to embellish it.

I will post a review when I had the chance to use it properly.  From what I can notice now, it is strong and it seems durable - at least, that is the first impression I have from all of Corsets UK pieces.

I have not forgotten about the review of the other ensemble I bought, and I promise it will be up soon.

In the meantime, here is a link to the corset, in case you want to order one for yourself.

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