Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Glass pieces for absinthe lovers

For any of you absintheurs that live in Spain, or are visiting these days, go take a stroll at the famous department store El Corte Inglés, if you have the time.

I do not know if this will last, but they are stocking in some absinthe accessories for a very low price - the same absinthe glasses available at online absinthe stores.  Here are a few samples:
Lyonnais glass, available here
Versailles carafe, available here
Not very long ago my mother gifted me for my birthday a Versailles carafe with two matching Versailles glasses for merely 20 euros.  I have not been able to find the Versailles glass on the website, but maybe it is still available at the stores.  

Well worth to take a look!


otterine said...

You're bad...I have a weakness for glassware, and not just for absinthe. :D These are lovely pieces!

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

I am bad indeed ;)

It's my mom fault's, really. She is the one that is building my absinthe collection - both the modern replicas and the vintage objects. And I am already running out of room to store them!