Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventures of a mermaid in Peñíscola, Spain

So, my holidays at the beach are over, and I wanted to share some pics plus a review of the Magictail after using it.

Peñíscola was great. We had great weather, it was not really hot though, and some days we had yellow flag at the beach - lots of waves!

I had a chance to try my mermaid tail and it was awesome.  The pool at the hotel was crowded, so we just stayed at the beach - it only took us a minute to go, since we had just to cross the street across from our hotel to get to it. This beach:

On the Magictail:  the first time I put it on, I did it just were the waves broke into shore, and it was not very comfortable.  The moving water got sand everywhere inside the tail, specially the tips of the fluke.  I had to get into water by moving one step at a time over my hands and buttocks.  Once in the water it was easy to swim into a place where my feet did not touch the bottom.  The next time I went into water, I put it on while inside, and it was easier, at least for me; I rolled down the fabric until the monofin was visible; I lifted one of my feet and inserted it in the monofin; once it was inside, I let myself float and put the other one.  Then I just floated while pulling up the fabric.  It was really easy to swim in it, although I got tired after a while. Maybe because I had not swim in a very long time.  I was surprised of the momentum the monofin gave me while swimming, since it is not very big.  The monofin did not lose grip, and my feet were inside the whole time.
The fabric did not move at all, which was great.  It really is like swimsuit fabric, and very comfy.
When I was ready to finish my swim, I took out the tail: I rolled down the fabric until the monofin was visible and just released my feet.
Since the water was so agitated by the waves, I rinsed up all the sand that had got trapped inside; for this, I took apart every piece (monofin, protector and the tail itself) and rinsed them separately, turning the fabric pieces inside out so all the sand could fall.  Then at the hotel I rinsed everything with fresh water.  Of course, when I came back home I hand washed everything in cold water with a soft detergent.

Mermaid with goggles to protect eyes from muddy water

Having a rest after a swim...

...and being happy of being a mermaid!
There are more pics here, if you want to take a look.  Also, I found in YouTube some tutorials for mermaid hairstyles inspired on the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides".  Here is my favorite.  Enjoy!