Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A bit about corsets

I had thought about writing a series of posts about corsets for newbies, but after finding about the lovely Lucy, I think you better check out her YouTube channel, as well as her webpage to find out anything related to corsets.

Not only she provides thorough reviews on all kinds of corsets; she also offers tips on how to mend them, storage them, as well as videos about corsets and health.  If you can sew, you can also find information about how to make your own corsets and patterns.  If not, you can always ask her to make you your very own customized corset.  I am a big fan of hers :)

Also, if you are a Steampunk lover, you may want to check out the new 2012 collection of fantastic steampunk corsets.  You have them available at Corsets UK, if you live in Europe, and at Corset Story, if you live in the US.  You have available a review on one of these corsets by Lucy here.

A sample of the Steampunk Corset Collection
I have purchased from Corsets UK, and I am happy both with the service and the merchandise.  The corsets are great quality for off-the-rack garments, and very affordable, specially if you like variety in your wardrobe.


sing said...

Young women like Wearing Corsets intended for Different Purposes.
Overbust corsets often conjure Victorian-period glamour or maybe bizarre feminine kitsch. Either way, Corset and Tutu type of undergarment via the old world gets a new world.

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Mmmm... OK.