Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vintage apothecary in my bathroom

Being in a new house sometimes gives us the opportunity of doing something new with old household items.

I took advantage of this wonderful idea of Cathe Holden, and turned my ordinary red towels in something out of an antique apothecary:

The labels got plenty of time to dry (2 months - I made them before we left the US, and they came with the move by sea), and they have hold up well in the washer; I do not have dryer here, so I don't know how well they could stand a dryer cycle. By the way, if you ever do this, be very careful not to stain the labels with toothpaste; I had a small drop falling in one of the labels and the ink got a bit smeared. It's barely noticeable, but better be safe than sorry.

I also used empty glass coffee containers - gift of my mother-in-law - to make some apothecary jars; labels made by Sligtly Off Center:

The small one I got at the equivalent of a Tree Dollar Store in Spain.

It's funny, I never thought I would miss crafting so much...

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