Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Corsets for all occasions

Did you think that corsets existed only for tight lacing? Think again! Take a look at all these beauties:

Corset choker by ghostlovejewelry

Another style of corset choker, by 666Tristania666

Pinstripe corset choker by annaladymoon

Fingerless corset gloves by fellow Dark Sider ZenAndCoffee. I am warning you, if you visit her shop you will not be able to pick just one...

Corset display for jewelry by AustinJames

Corset bag by fellow Dark Sider beanbun. I need to get me one of these...

The original Coffee Corset by jenngee. I am the happy owner of one of her designs!

Corset cuff by JewelryliciousStyle

Sterling silver corset ring by WarpedMetals

Corset sachet filled with lavender for your drawers, by sherrilenett

And these... I want them. Right now! By lorisplace


The Old Maid said...

Cool things!:) love the red bag:)

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Aren't they? ;) Lots of creative people out there...