Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow, it's been so many days?

Sometimes life is too hectic and you forget to write even just a little bit... Well, here are some condensed news.

Hubby and I had to go to Washington DC to do some paperwork, and we stopped at the National Museum of American History; I wanted to see Faith Bradford's dollhouse. And we did! We were lucky, being a Thursday the museum was practically empty and we had some time alone in front of the fabulous dollhouse. I tried to take pics, but with the glass in front of the windows and the low lights was not very easy. Anyway, here is a sneak peak:

Mrs. Lovett's kitchen has not changed much lately. I have not had time to sit and really give it some working time; just a bit here and there. Although I bought some new things for it:

Two metal plates and a set of silver ware. I also made a bottle of gin.

And there's the new kitchen. I made too the "flour covered" dough and working board, as well as some "unbaked" meat pies.

My mom was jealous of my kitchen, so she has made room for one in her dollhouse. She moved outside the sewing room and bought new furniture to decorate it. Of course, she asked me to make a lot of things for her - and so I did. Jennifer's Free Dollhouse and Printable Minis has a lot to offer for a kitchen; grocery and laundry products of different times - both modern and vintage. My mom was so excited when she got my package in the mail yesterday! Here are a couple of pics of her new kitchen:

I stained the barrel for her. The cheese and crackers board and the bowl with the eggs are mine too. She made the white and pink apron.

The Fairy and Persil boxes are from Jennifer's web page. I made too the grocery basket's contents. And you can see in the wall the calendar with the "Kissing on VJ" picture. She made the pink cloth with roses that is hanging on a hook.

Of course, I have not finished yet. She still wants crates with fruit and vegetables, a bucket with water for the mop, a mortar and pestle, a basket with mushrooms... Oh, what did I do, introducing her in the mini-world?


dale said...

Sounds like you opened Pandora's box. ;)

Pandora said...

Great room sets. The kitchen works very well. You mother's dolls house is lovely too.