Friday, January 29, 2010

Apothecary cabinet finished!

It's done! I have put the last new bottle inside it today. This is how the cabinet was before changing:

Halloween sweets and chocolates boxes for the most part.
And this is how it is now:

I think it's pretty filled up... I wanted to add a couple of test tubes in the lower shelf, but I don't want it to appear excessively cluttered. I don't know... The round glass jar has leaves inside that still need to be processed. Here is a pic of the cabinet in its place inside the shop:

I just love all the different jars that I have found!

I stored the Halloween candy and the chocolate bars for future projects, but I could not bear to take out of the house the chocolate boxes, so I simply made some gift bags, and put the boxes inside them; they are currently waiting in the hall of the house to be stored away...

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