Thursday, November 12, 2009

Polymer Clay Dollhouse Books

I have came across many tutorials to make dollhouse books; one of them taught how to make them out of polymer clay, like this one here. I didn't think that polymer clay books looked real enough to display them in my dollhouse, so I learn from one of Sue Heaser's books how to make them out of paper.

But oh surprise! Browsing through Etsy I found that BlueKittyMiniatures had listed a Book of Shadows, with a lovely pentacle on the cover. Carol is famous for her delicious cakes:

Although she sometimes surprises us with cookie jars:

And knitting bags too:

And she currently has available some others magical and whimsical books as well.

I know that Carol doesn't repeat her designs many times, so I snatched it. It just looked so lovely in the picture that I didn't mind that it was a "dummy" book, a book that doesn't open because it is made out of clay. In fact, I wanted it to display it over the lovely book stand that minibuilder had made for me.

So, this morning it arrived all the way from the UK, and it is simply fantastic! I am amazed at the details in the binding and the way the pages are worked. Here is a pic of it, over Ray's book stand:

I guess it's all in the bookmaking technique, because this is one of the most realistic books I have seen! I will have to practice my own skills...


Blue Kitty Miniatures said...

Thank you for featuring me. I am really honoured for my work to be displayed on one of Ray's wonderful pieces. He is becoming quite famous now.

dales_dreams said...

Both Carol and Ray are extremely talented miniature artisans, I can say that, as I have things from both of them. :)