Friday, October 23, 2009


Pardon the all-caps title, it's just that I am so so excited and happy (clapping hands and doing the happy dancing)! The Tudor bed arrived and it's so SO beautiful!!

I just finished re-arranging the bedroom and wanted to share some pics.

And after:
Let me share with you the insight of some of the decorations of the bedroom...

The reading corner. My lady is a great fan of the classics, and so she is surrounded by "Carmilla", "Frankenstein" and "The rhyme of the ancient mariner". She also is fond of writing her diary while having a glass of Vampire wine. On the wall there is a map of the Middle Earth.

Breakfast is ready! An artisan-made tray with a silver goblet and a carafe filled with fresh blood.

A corset, a garter and a garter belt abandoned on the floor. Maybe the remains of a night of passion? On the trunk, a box of red roses and a box of chocolates brought by her lover. On the wall, two portraits of Edgar Allan Poe and J.R.R. Tolkien. Some people say she knew them quite well...

Oh, look! The bed has a cupboard underneath. Perfect to keep out of sight that pitcher and basin. And a bed warmer, for those long Winter nights...

Can you honestly say you wouldn't spend a night on this bed? Mmmm, I wonder why I feel such an urge to go see "The Tudors" TV series right now...
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