Monday, September 21, 2009

Crafting sweets

As mentioned some entries below, I purchased some round tin boxes to turn them into patisserie boxes. It was such joy to make these, with the help of the Kemper cutters! It took me more than I expected, but I wanted them to be simply perfect. I am so happy how they turned out:

Shortbread cookies box and chocolates box. They both have colored tissue paper on the bottom, and the sweets are glued in place. I was very lucky to find a picture of the typical Danish butter cookies tin to decorate one of the lids!

This is how they look inside the pastry cabinet, in my dollhouse shop:

I made another chocolate box for the living room, to accompany the Absinthe tray. What is Absinthe without a bit of dark chocolate indulgence?

Probably the next cabinet that I'll do for my shop will have at least one chocolate box - this time made from scratch - as well as sweets, or Halloween goodies. We'll see...

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