Monday, June 15, 2009

Recycling old objects

When I redesigned my dollhouse to fit the vampire theme, I took out a lot of objects that didn't have a place on it. Many of them are now in my mom's dollhouse. But I have been able to recycle some others.
One of them used to be a quite ugly wood jewelry box, its inside covered in baby blue velvet, with a pearl necklace on display. Although it is not very clear in this picture, this is how it was before:

Here is a catalog picture of the box:

My mom helped me to remove everything from the inside, and I re-made it into a Tarot card box. I covered the inside with red velvet paper, and decorated the lid with a golden sun charm. Now it rests in my dollhouse's shop window:

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Illustrated Ink said...

So cool! That looks great! I've really been enjoying reading about your dollhouse makeover. :)