Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crafting with my mom part 3

While my mom was making all the clothes, I was busy with a new project for my dollhouse. She brought me a pretty cabinet that she didn't need anymore, and I wanted to recycle it for my vampire's study. It was a cabinet from a collection called "Rustic Mediterranean House". This is how it was before - I took out the glass covers from the doors before taking the pic:

As you can see, it is quite lovely, but not suitable for my dollhouse theme. So I turned it into this:

I liked the pattern of the lines, so I kept them, but I painted the cabinet black and the lines in a beautiful burgundy/wine red - mom helped to choose it. The drawer does open, and I covered its inside with a paper that looks like suede, in the same burgundy as the lines. This is how it looks like in the study, with all the accessories already in place (I am waiting for a brass mortar and pestle to add to the lower shelf):

My mother was more anxious than me to see it finished. She wanted to see it in its place before leaving for Spain. She got her wished fulfilled!

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Hexotica said...

I love before and after projects! That looks beautiful now. Much better than baby blue meh colors!