Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A treasure to bookmark

My dollhouse has been a little abandoned in the last days, for lack of new projects to begin with. Today I was just browsing through my bookmarked miniature pages and found a picture of somebody else's witch dollhouse. Out of curiosity I checked it out, and the crafter recommended Jim's Dollhouse Pages, so I clicked and was in awe.

What a wonderful collection of notes and printables to use in your own projects! I downloaded some - my personal favorite were the Money currencies and the Office supplies. I can have some of those in my dollhouse shop! And seeing some of his designs helped me to come up with new ideas to sell in my shop. Isn't it wonderful when somebody inspires you so?

He even has a mailing list, so you can be notified when new designs are added. Fantastic page, so happy that I found it!

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Illustrated Ink said...

What an awesome website, thank you for sharing this link!