Monday, April 13, 2009

Hand-made rugs

Although it is nice to have beautiful commercial miniature rugs in your dollhouse, sometimes the ready-made rugs don't fit in your color scheme. And that is a problem when you don't know how to knit or crochet (like in my case).

Always on the search for accessories for my dollhouse, I found littlesassymini's shop. Daisy makes lovely hand-made rugs at an unbeatable price, and she is willing to work with you if you have a special request.

So I contacted her, and she made a fantastic and unusual design for my vampire's dollhouse studio:

As you can see, it looks great with the rest of the decoration.

Daisy was wonderful to work with, sending me pics of different designs so I could choose my favorite, and she made and sent my rug in a record time! Keep her in mind when you have to fill that little piece of floor in your dollhouse...



Thanks so much for including the info to reach my shop! And - gee whiz -- the rug looks great in your room, doesn't it? I really like the way you decorated it. It never occurred to me to do a room - or house - for a vampire or witch, but it looks really great. Oh, and I noticed in a previous blog that you had a bottle of dragon's tears. LOL! I's great!

Hexotica said...

What a fantastic room!
I wish I could find a real-size rug exactly like that one.
Great work!

zane said...
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