Monday, March 30, 2009

Vampires and witches need pets too

Although the regular pets in a dollhouse usually are cats and dogs, (and other cute animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs or mice) sometimes they simply don't fit in the designed scheme. Don't get me wrong; my dollhouse vampire occupant has a black cat in her bedroom, but she needed other type of companion as well.

Since the Harry Potter series became popular, I have begun to see more unusual pets for dollhouses, such as frogs, snakes, snow owls (like the one Harry has) and ravens. I myself wanted to buy a raven, since my vampire friend is very fond of Mr. Poe and his work, but the raven in question seemed more like an altered pigeon, due to the placement of the eyes on his head and the small beak. So I decided against it. What, oh what, could she use as pet? But of course! Which animal speaks more clearly of vampires than the bat?

Well then, the first step was to buy a cage for the little one to nest. I searched high and low for empty cages - the majority of them had already a little bird inside, and no possibility to open it to exchange the occupant.

I made a search on Etsy, because it has become trendy to use this type of birdcages to make necklaces, and I found it, empty and with opening door. Too cute! So I ordered one.

Then I sewed a tiny fabric bat upside down to the swing, and this is the result:

Isn't it adorable? Now he rests comfortably in the study of my vampire friend.

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