Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miniature custom magazines

As I was saying yesterday, sometimes you see a miniature and you have to do something with it. I recently bought 5 miniature wire baskets from Kountry. They were oh so lovely, I had to have them! So I put 3 of them as shopping baskets in my dollhouse's shop. Simply delicious!

But I had 2 to spare, so I offered one of them to my mom, for her own dollhouse. Yes, I am guilty. I made an addict of my mom too! She said she would like it to be filled with groceries, and I am working on that. As a suggestion, I offered to make her a newspaper or a magazine, and she was OK with the idea. When I mentioned that I could make a dog magazine, she was quite happy - she loves dogs! I was going to search for an actual dog magazine cover, and out of the blue, I thought she would like very much a magazine with a picture of Dana, her bitch.

And said and done, I made this cover for her:

The title says: A dog's life.

And suddenly it occurred to me to make one for myself. I am a reader of Gothic Beauty magazine, and the first thing I thought was to make a similar one. And I get to be on the cover! This is the result:

I love how it turned out! I thought on including headlines, but they won't be visible in miniature size anyway.

Why have Time in your living room, when you can be the main model for your own magazine? One more time, the miniature world bows to your desires!

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