Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Absinthe journal

Following up the re-discovered love for absinthe, I took the time to make myself an absinthe journal.  This is something that I have wanted to do for some time, but did not know how.  Now that I have dedicated some time to scrapbooking, my experience crafting journals is limited, but I am able to do something pretty and fun.

I used a botanical drawing of Artemisia absinthum for the cover:

The font is Aquiline 2, and I used the same green shade as the one in the wormwood leaves.  Here are some inside pages:

Wormwood Society logo

Some of the sections on the journal
It is mainly blank pages, with some sections, as you can see in the pics.  I have already started writing in it, and it is truly a pleasure. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Absinthe makes a comeback

It was a loooong time since I dedicated a post to absinthe.  

Recently I started perusing the webs again for old absinthe friends, and found the Wormwood Society on Facebook, as well as a page for Absinthe Originals.  I lost no time in requesting membership, and it was graciously granted.

I shared this pic of a marvelous absinthe spoon made by the talented Nalladris:

It measures about 1 cm, and it is made of sterling silver.

I was happy to see that people was very accepting and engaging on Facebook posts, so in the last days I have made a re-connection to all things absinthe.  I started ordering a new absinthe bottle (Francois Guy), a spoon and a mini-spoon keyring from Absinthes.com; it followed an order from Absinthe Originals; this time, a Losanges 37 spoon:

Picture from the Absinthe Originals website

Then, the book Absinthe Antiques by Scott MacDonald - which is beautiful to look at.  And thanks to Facebook, I have found a vendor that had my much sought-after Cordon glass (on its way here).  And today I was very bad, and purchased a new book and two more antiques - more info on that when they arrive...

The thing is, I love absinthe spoons, but I barely use them anymore - I like my absinthe now without any sugar.  But they are so lovely that I wanted a way to display and enjoy them.  Up until this weekend, they were sitting inside an spoon holder (a pewter goblet I purchased in Virginia).  But I had an idea that would make a pretty and affordable display to showcase them.

I went to the equivalent of a dollar tree store, and bough a picture frame meant for photographs - you display them by hanging them in a cord with clothespins; well, I removed the cords, and covered the bottom of the frame with adhesive cork sheets:

And used brass tacks to hold the spoons in place.  I wanted to be able to remove them, for show or for using to drink a glass of absinthe - one never knows.

Trying out the brass tacks
It was easy and simple.  I just hammered them down a bit - since the spoons are not heavy at all, the tacks did not even pass the back part of the frame.  And lo and behold, I loved how it turned out!

You can see the new Losanges spoon at the bottom

I love the organic feeling of the cork.  Absinthe bottles are always closed with cork, so that is a bonus!

I am currently working on a hand-made journal for all things absinthe.  More on that very soon!