Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Coming back to a long forgotten project

The work at Kassandra's house is never finished.  But sometimes I get an itch to do something different, and yesterday I began the work again in the already-mentioned soap shop in the IKEA greenhouse.

As it is usual with me, I begin these projects by starting with the most minute details.  Yes, I purchased the room, and even some furniture to fill it with.  And then I started crafting polymer clays soaps, pretty boxes, tiny toiletry bottles... I was so excited with all the media I was going to be using that I did not want to deal with furniture painting.  Or even worse, setting up an stable floor that would not end up with all the furniture and the decorations falling down - that happened, by the way.  Many times.

So, in my last trip to Madrid I purchased a board of balsa wood to set up a good foundation for the shop.  I thought it would be tricky to cut it to measure, but with the help of a new, barely used cutter, a metal ruler and a cutting board was piece of cake:

See the tiny pieces that I had to cut

As you can see, the floor may be good for plants, but not for tiny forniture filled with stuff

Once cut to size, I had to trim the corners so the acrylic walls would sit in place.  Then I glued the boards:

And then my favorite part: wallpapering!  I knew I did not want to simply paint the floor.  I wanted some contrast, since the forniture will be white.  So I head over Small Stuff's PrintMini and I chose a lovely tiled floor (that for some reason only exists in the 1:6 scale).  I printed 4 pages directly from the website, and off to mount them on the floor!

See all the stuff packed in boxes?  It's been there since we moved last Summer...

This time I used regular copy paper instead of the nice matte photographic paper.  Mainly because it is not walls, but floor, and really, it is going to be so full of things that I did not think it worthy to invest 4 pages of nice paper.  I took the double sided tape and covered the back almost completely:

Then I glued it to the boards and trimmed the corners:

And yay! It's finished!!  And the walls sit perfectly well in place:

It only took me about an hour of work, and I was very happy when I finished. It almost looks like it really was the floor of a greenhouse, and now the greenhouse is getting turned into a shop!

This morning I started painting the furniture (I hate painting furmiture!).  I gave a couple of hands, then let it sit until I came back from the lab, and applied a couple more coats where they were needed.  Then I took a commode I purchased a couple of years back (it came from El Rastrillo de Viti) and started working on it.

I had seen this beautiful commode on Minicler's shop, and wanted something similar.  But I wanted to use Toile paper in blue.  I find it très chic!  I also replaced the drawers wood handles by brass handles, and here is it the finished version:

I love it!

The shop is getting started... And you can see my minions, LOL!
I am very happy with these two days of work.  I hope I can keep up with the painting in tiny steps and it will be over soon.  I am anxious to start crafting decorations again!

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