Monday, June 5, 2017

A gift for Claudia

Today I found Kassandra very busy.  She told me she was preparing a gift for her goddaughter, Claudia, whose birthday is coming up very soon.  She told me that Claudia is very fond of mermaids, and she was getting ready a gift basket as a surprise.  And what a gift basket!

A couple of coloring books and several boxes of coloring pencils and crayons.  I am sure Claudia will be very happy with them.


Fantasy apart,  I came up with the idea of the coloring book after finding by chance a printable in an Advent calendar with miniature tutorials for Christmas season (you can find the printable I am referring to behind door number 20).  I loved the idea, but I am not very fond of Christmas, so I decided to make my own.  For the coloring pages, I used the Mermaidens drawings offered by FinFunMermaid.  I made the cover using their own coloring book.  The crayon and pencil boxes come from PrintMini, and the gift box is my own creation.

On the next days I will be trying to learn how to make a bow-maker and how to use it to make tiny bows.  Hopefully the box will have a nice red bow!

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