Sunday, November 6, 2016

A marvelous gift

A couple of weeks ago, one of my classmates at the belly dance academy I go to dance and I engaged in a very animated talk about dollhouse miniatures.  My classmate, Cris, said that she and her sister used to make miniature hats out of antique and vintage materials; they even went to sell them as far as Japan, and they were part of several Tom Bishop shows, although they stopped making miniatures and selling them many years ago.  I was so very impressed, and asked her to let me see some pictures of their work.  She asked for the link to my shop to see mine.

She sent me some pics, and what I saw left me speechless.  What beautiful works of art!  I have zero talent to sew, so making clothes and other accessories is something I cannot do.  Likewise, they both were impressed with my minis.  Her sister wanted some maps to put in one of her scenes, so I made them for her, and included as gifts a couple of tiny button cards with pearl buttons.  And a couple of days later, Cris sent me a text saying they were gifting me with one of their hats.  And she sent me some pictures; and I was in awe:

The hat and the box are already on Kassandra's bedroom; she is ecstatic with them, as she loves antiquities and vintage clothing.

I will cherish this gift as something precious.  Cris told me that she only has gifted two hats in her miniature career: one for an old classmate, and one for me.  Needless to say, I was so very honored.

Thank you SO much, Cris!!

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