Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Long postponed project finally done!

Today I did something that I have wanted to do for a long time.

Many months ago I purchased this canvas bag:

I loved the design the moment I saw it!  The colors, the insde, the straps... It only had one thing that I did not like: the featuring of the Converse logo in the middle.  For a time I thought I needed to buy some patches to cover it up, but quite never find what I was looking for.

But one day I came across this beauty:

I found it in Harlots & Angels on Etsy.  I have been an admirer of Jules Vernes since I was a teen, and "20,000 leagues under the sea" is my favorite book of his.  So I decided to join Nemo's crew and add this to my bag.  And lo and behold:

I absolutely love it!  It makes something quite extraordinary of an ordinary bag, and it is not too flamboyant for everyday use.

I wish I had the opportunity to use more of the marvelous pieces Harlots & Angels feature in their Steampunk section...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mermaid blanket... because Winter is Coming...

LOL, sorry for the pun!

I bought a mermaid blanket last Winter when I moved to my new home, but even though I wanted to post something about it I forgot.  Today I was filing some pictures and found the ones I took of the blanket when it arrived.

Even though it is still Summer, just in case you were considering buying one for yourself, here is one of the many available mermaid blankets on the market:

You can see my minion pillow  :)

This is the Fin Fun Adult Mermaid Blanket in Aquamarine.  It is incredibly cozy, warm, and when you get inside you may not want to get out.  The adult size is BIG.  I can cover up to my chest with it, and there is still room at the bottom.  You can get your feet inside the "fin" part, and there is no opening at the bottom - no more cold feet with this blanket.  You have to get in and out as you would with a sack.  No walking with this tail, and I would not recommend jumping while inside.  

The fabric is very very soft.  It is a double-sided minky fabric, and you won't get tired of petting it.  I mostly use it for snuggling up in the sofa and watch TV.  I have fallen asleep inside, and it was awesome.

Fin Fun has a sale now on Cuddle Tails, and they have 2 new models they did not have last year with a whimisical scale pattern.  

Perfect for those cold days in which you still want to rock your mermaid side without having to get wet.  I highly recommend them, for adults or kids.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Free soap box display printable

It's been some time since I made minis for myself instead of for sale.  Lately I have been doing printables to dress up the shelves in my soap shop.  I have still not picked up clay to make the actual soaps, but doing the boxes, the labels, and the box displays is being so much fun.

Funny thing, I had not realized that creating for others was as fulfilling as creating for oneself.  Now that my shop is closed, I miss sharing my creations.  So, since I do not think I will be selling printables again, I am sharing with you all one of my soap displays.  Remember the Ivory soap display?

Here is the printable for you to make as many as you like!  Just, as always, please do not sell them.

I hope I can post pics of my progress very soon.  Enjoy the crafting!