Sunday, July 31, 2016

A gift for Kassandra

A couple of days ago Kassandra got a parcel in the mail:

I was with her when it arrived and I asked if I was allowed to stay while she opened it.  She said of course, and proceed to cut off the packaging tape.  She was very pleased when she saw it was a gift box:

"Undoubtedly, a gift from my husband", she said.  "How do you know?", I asked.  "The packaging is too gothic-looking to be from anyone else.  He knows I appreciate how gifts were wrapped in the past.  And there is no note, which is very like him.  But of course, I can be mistaken."

And then she proceeded to open the box:

"Oh, is not it delightful?", she exclaimed.  "It is beautiful", I said.  "And it suits you very well.  Your husband has very good taste."

She tried it on, and she looked like royalty.  I left her very happy:

I found out that the necklace comes from Nalladris, and the talented Sun is the maker.  I am sure Kassandra will be getting more pieces from there very soon.

Also, Sun will be coming to Madrid in the upcoming Tom Bishop Show in November.  I will be happy to chat with her again!