Friday, September 20, 2013

Updates on the prop necklaces

Remember when I got Lana Lang's kryptonite necklace?  Well, I said I may change the chain because it was not sterling silver.  I had to do it.  I used the necklace two times, and the chain was already turning black, and my neck got green stains.  So yesterday I went to a jeweller to buy another linked chain; they replaced one for the other:

The new one is the one with the bead; the other is the old one
See the difference in color?  It was a worthy change; the new chain cost just 12 euros, which is very reasonable.

When the lady of the shop showed me the available chains to pick one for the kryptonite necklace, I saw that they also had rolo chains, and I asked to see those as well.  I ended up buying too a rolo chain for the H2O locket:

The rolo chain holds the locket; the other one is a 16" box chain that came with the locket
It was another worthy buy.  It is a 3 mm 18 inches long rolo chain, and it just cost 15 euros.  I had peruse the internet for the same chain, and the cheapest that I found was sold for $30 plus shipping.

Close up of the box chain and the rolo chain
It is a lovely chain.  It reminds me of the one Frodo used to carry the One Ring around his neck.

Can't wait to use them!

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