Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy mermaid-related news

Today I went to a town-regulated pool.  Yesterday I had asked if swimfins were allowed, and was told yes.  And sure enough, today I brought my mermaid tail - after all, it has a monofin in it, right?

Well, the pool was almost empty when I arrived, and I sat just by the water to put my feet inside the monofin, and I finished pulling the tail up in the water.  It was exhilarating when I began to swam with it, after one year of not using it.  And this time, there were no waves, no muddy water and no sand to bother me.  So I swam one length of the pool and when I was coming back I saw a staff person waiting for me by the side of the pool.  My first thought was that I was going to be asked to take it off, but then the girl just kneeled down and asked "Would it be OK if I took a picture of you?".  I was so relieved it was not against the rules!  And of course, I sat in the edge and she took the pics.  We chatted for a bit; she said a co-worker had said to her "You have a mermaid in lane one".  She was curious and she came by to check; she said she had never seen something like it.  

After some minutes more staff came - some were literally speechless; one asked if she could touch my tail (my fabric tail!) and she kept saying "It´s so cool!".  

But the best part was when the kids came for a lesson.  The staff said "Hey guys, look, we have a mermaid in the pool!"  Oh my... It was all shouts, mesmerized looks, questions... One kid said "It's a real mermaid" and his friend said, "No it is not, she is wearing a costume", but the kid insisted ""It's a real mermaid!".  That was so so sweet.  They asked if they could touch me, asked me to swim for them, how do I get out, it is really real... It was so much fun.

Now that I have seen it is not against regulations, I will keep bringing the tail to the pool.  Hell yes!  I need to perfect my movements.  I was exhausted when I left, so hopefully I will begin to develop strenght in my core muscles and legs.

I have seen that some parts of the tail have suffered a bit with friction when walls or bottom where touched.  But I rather have a worn-out tail that a like-new one.  Now that Kirsten Söller sells replacement skins I can buy another one if mine breaks.

I'll let you know how things go tomorrow!

Happy mermaid is happy!

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