Friday, May 3, 2013

H2O Just Add Water Crystal Necklaces

Following my interest for mermaids, I watched the third season of the Australian show H2O Just add water - I was unable to find seasons 1 and 2 in YouTube.  It was fun, and I can understand why so many young people like it.  I personally root for Bella - I think she is adorable!

I was surprised to see that the famous crystal necklaces were not really important until almost the end of the season.  I liked the design - I find it simple and enchanting for a Summer ensemble, so I hunted down for a crystal necklace of my own.

I found an official one, of course; for sale in the German H2O shop:

Picture from the H2O Shop
Just the same as the locket, it is obvious that it's just a toy for little girls: the "crystal" is plastic and the presentation is not suitable for everyday wear.

I am a big fan of Sterling Silver Art, but I do not think the season 3 necklaces Blue Crockatt sells are similar in any way to the ones featured in the show. UPDATE: Blue Crockatt now has available a crystal necklace made with an Swarovski bead, much more similar to the ones in the show than her previous ones.

I searched more, and I found a lot of sellers that were selling similar necklaces, inspired by those in the show.  You can find them in eBay, Amazon and Etsy.  I am sure that most of us search in those necklaces whataver it is we find attractive about them in relation to the ones in the show: the color, the shape of the bead, the cord from which it hangs... I decided that somebody else's vision was not enough for me, so I decided to create my own version.

I began by searching pictures of the episode in which the crystals came into matter (season 3, episode 21), and I found these (I think the third picture is from the last episode):

Despite what everyone says, I think that the 3 crystals look exactly the same.  No matter which mermaid you like the most, they all seem to have the same shape in their crystal.  That sorted out, I studied the color.  In the first 2 pictures, color seems aquamarine; in the last, color seems dark blue - maybe it just changes as the crystal is hit by the light.

Watching videos in YouTube about how to make these necklaces, I found out this one, in which the artist shares links of the crystals she uses.  Of course, who better maker of crystal beads than Swarovski? Of the 3 pieces recommended, I liked the De Art pendant (Cleo) and the Cosmic pendant (Bella).  When studying the pieces, I find that the Cosmic pendant is too bulky (see alternate views), so I decided to get the De Art pendant - it also seemed to me the most similar to the ones in the show.  After that, I went to eBay to find a seller near me, and I found it.  It is called Crystals and Silver, and they had in stock the De Art pendant in Aquamarine, size 24 mm.  I still was not sure about the color, so I perused for another crystal with a darker blue color, and I found the Wing pendant in Capri Blue (size 23 mm).  Even though the shape was not very similar to the one in the show, I really liked the color, so I ordered one of each, as I could not decide between them.

For a time, I considered a black cord to hang them around my neck, just as the mermaids do.  However, I thought it was a pity to ruin the look of a nice shiny Swarovski crystal with a black leather cord, and I decided to find an sterling silver bail to complete them, and wear them on a sterling silver chain - after all, I figure, the girls would like to wear them on a more adult setting when they grow up, as they will not be teenagers forever.  While looking for the crystals, I had found a seller that was selling these pendants with lovely and out-of-the-ordinary sterling silver bails.  I found the same bails just by chance on Etsy, in the shop Silver Details, owned by Joanna.  I ordered 2 without delay, and here are the finished crystals:

The one in the left is the De Art pendant, and the one in the middle is the Wing pendant.  The one in the right hanging from a cord is a substitute that I made so I could take it to the beach or the swimming pool, and do not fret about damaging or losing the prettier ones.  It is just a twisted blue glass bead with a black cord, and I can always make more like it in case of an accident.  I also made matching earrings with the glass beads, so I have a set!

Looking forward to wearing everything this Summer!

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