Monday, August 30, 2010

Working on something new

Since I loved so much the idea of Apothecary cabinets, I began to think about other stuff to fill them up, and then it occurred to me that there are other things in Apothecaries and pharmacies, apart from glass bottles - even though they are awesome with their tiny labels!

The idea of making tiny boxes of medicine was obvious with a visit to my bathroom, so I began the search for antique drug labels. And thus, the sets of Apothecary boxes were born!

The first set is already for sale in the Apothecary section of my Etsy shop. The second set will be up in a couple of days. The great thing about them is that you don't need to have a miniature pharmacy to display them. They will fit in any bathroom, drugstore or doctor's office!

By the way, if you like Apothecary labels as much as I do, you will love what Cathe Holden has made to her towels!


Annie said...

Oh wow...the boxes are great, and I agree, they can easily be used in other settings that an apothecery...

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Thanks! I'm happy you like them :)

Ascension said...

Una gran idea!!!
Las cajitas te han quedado preciosas y quedaran perfectas en una farmacia antigua, enhorabuena!!!
besitos ascension

Anonymous said...

love these!