Saturday, April 3, 2010


I don't know how I feel. Really.

I was browsing through miniatures listings on Etsy, and I found pieces of my work on another person's diorama. Yes. One of my cabinets has been stripped down, and the pieces used for another person to create a witch house.

No, they are not copies. The potion bottles have my design on them, the filling I put on them inside, the mortar and pestle I crafted are there.

I don't mind somebody using my cabinets to fit the design of their dollhouse. That's why I don't glue the objects down, so they can be arranged to fit the taste of the new owner, to match and mix with other objects or to display in another room.

What I don't know how to take is somebody taking my work, reusing it in another display and saying to the world: "Hey look. I made this".


dale said...

Oh, the thought of that makes me uncomfortable. :(

Do they give you any credit in the listing?

Ingrid said...

I'm so sorry for you that others use your work and pretend it belongs to them.
hug Ingrid

Ascension said...

Siento lo que te ha pasado!!!!!
Como puede haber gente asi?
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear about it! It's so unfair to the real maker!

Hexotica said...

I would write her a stern letter warning her never to use your items again or you'll flag her shop on Etsy.
It's very considerate of you not to mention her shop name in your post, though if you had we readers might just, ahem, write her disapproving convos ourselves? ;)

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Thank you all for the sympathy, it's much appreciated :)

Dale; no, there was no credit in the listing, although I would have been very happy to agreed on a joined project. I do have an agreement with another Etsy artist; she uses my pieces, with my permission, and she gives me credit for them - I even create designs just for her to use. She is a lovely person, and her designs are so cute. Check her out at

Hexotica, I thank you for your angry on my behalf :)

I may not be very nice, in fact, I DID flag her shop: for re-selling and for not disclosing her other Etsy names - she created a new account to sell, and her purchases are not there. If she is an Etsy user, she has to know she is breaking the rules, so I don't think it's my obligation to issue an ultimatum; let her deal with the consequences - if there is any, which I highly doubt. I know who she is, so I will be not selling my stuff to her again. The sad fact is, I am sure other miniature makers are dealing with this issue as well (or will), because she bought a lot of witchy items from many of us.

dale said...

What an awkward situation!

It has nothing to do with being nice, if someone is breaking the rules, they are breaking the rules quite simply. I'd go a bit further and write to and Since you are the original creator of your items, they will listen to you, provide proof that she bought from you and anything else that you can include to support your claim. They will help you out, but, it may be a long tedious process. I feel worth it, in the long run.

Communication was the key here in this circumstance and it appears that there was none. Most miniaturists are very sharing and caring, given the opportunity to be so. There is probably only a small percentage of peeps that don't share... insecurity? I dunno...

If she had contacted you first, you could have established an ongoing collaboration, that could have been fun and hopefully profitable.

I also collaborate with many other miniaturists on etsy, the two I do the most work with are and

It is challenging and fun to work together with other miniaturists.

I will check out the one you referred to. :)

Good luck with all of this, this is just a shame, but unfortunately, it is not the first time I have heard of this or something similar. :(

If people could just think a little and be a bit more respectful, I don't think this would occur.

Sorry for the novella!

Alienora said...

Sorry to read things like that:(
I had similar bed experiences with crochet bikinis I was making years ago:( But try to think about it as a compliment, that you are so good that people are trying to use your talent, when they have deficiencies in their own...

vicki said...

That is sad.