Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The room box is on its way!

I bought the room box over the weekend and my seller shipped it out yesterday. It's coming from New York, so I hope to have it here maybe in a couple of days. I'm so so excited I can hardly wait...

I re-watch Sweeney Todd just so I could take notes on how the pie shop it's set, and I have been searching eBay like crazy looking for minis to fill it up. I am so impatient because this is the first time I will be decorating a kitchen, and there are so many things that can fit in... Of course, I want to preserve the original ambiance so the room is recognizable, but I also was thinking on how neat and clean should have been for the grand re-opening, so I am kind of mixing both the degraded and the clean state.

I found here a layout sheet so one can design the room before purchasing the furniture and know where everything goes and how much room one have left. My room box is not very big (15 x 10 x10 inches) and I don't have a lot of room, but so far, I am having fun mixing up the furniture, thinking and discarding options.

This project is giving me so much energy that I bought yesterday the BSO of the Sweeney Todd movie, and I don't get tired of hearing it... Specially "The worst pies in London" and "Have a little priest" tracks :)

The room box that I ordered

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Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I cant wait to see this filling up! Isnt the soundtrack wonderful, I used to have the music on my blog, I love it! I can watch the movie over and over. Have fun! Kate xx