Thursday, October 22, 2009

Working on my bed...

No, I'm not laying on my bed while working! I am working on dressing my old dollhouse bed while my new Tudor bed arrives. I was inspired by debsminis' beautiful beds, and wanted to try and make my own.

It didn't occur to me to take a picture before beginning the process, but here is a catalog picture of how my bed was dressed when I purchased it - my bed is a different model, though; doesn't have a canopy:

Quite simple and unoriginal, right?

When I began to change the house setting for my vampire tenant, I did not want to spend much time working with fabric, so I simply laid a burgundy velvet bedspread over it and made a couple of throw pillows:

You can see the ivory bedding underneath.

Well, the make-over began yesterday. I chose a burgundy and black theme, to be in sync with the rest of the house. What can I say? My vampire loves those colors! The fabrics of choice were lace, satin and velvet. Luscious and decadent. I'll post pics when it's finished...

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