Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making miniature delights

Browsing the work of great miniature artists that featured little chocolates and cookies with the most whimsical forms I could not help but wonder "How in the world can they make something so tiny?" The answer is simple: cutters! Trivial, right? Well, wrong. Most of the cutters I found at craft stores or Amazon were designed to make jewelry or beads. Not knowing any brands, it was quite difficult for me to find cutters for miniature work.

Until the day I searched for "miniature cutter" on Etsy and came upon the brand Kemper. I was quick on purchasing a set of five, and I couldn't wait for them to arrive and begin experimenting. This is my first set of "shortbread cookies" made from polymer clay - they are a gift for my mom:

In the following days I am going to make more of them, as well as chocolates, to decorate the miniature tin boxes that I mentioned some days ago. Can't wait to see them finished!

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Anonymous said...

Cute cookies! The cutters are a great idea, but do keep in mind that not all artists use them! The only tools I use in my miniatures are an occasional x-acto knife (to cut down long pieces) and a straight pin (to put tiny pieces into their place where my fingers would otherwise squish it!)

Other than that, I use no molds, forms, or cutters. Just my fingers. :)