Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review - A book you need to have

Since my personal projects seem to be a bit slow these days, I'd like to share a fabulous find that will make the delights of every miniaturist, especially for the ones who love to craft.

I don't even remember how I found this book - I think it was a recommendation by Amazon, after I searched for miniatures. But it's one of those discoveries that simply have to be shared and praised to extenuation.

Sue Heaser is the author, and the book is called "Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay".

The title says it all; you'll find a lot of projects to create everyday objects that, no matter what kind of dollhouse you have, will fit into your rooms: clocks, candle holders, plants, flowers, books, even a whole set of china (from plates to a tea set)!. You can find too recipes to make realistic food. It is filled with color pictures and easy to follow instructions, as well as tips to working with clay and lists of materials you can use. Even if you don't craft, you'll be amazed by how beautifully this book has been put together.

Obviously, there are different grades of difficulty in this book. And remember that practice makes perfection. Don't expect to craft a whole dinner in just one hour if you have never touched polymer clay before! Don't get discouraged. Begin with the simple projects and when you are happy with the results, begin to challenge yourself. Also, seek the opinion of someone else when you finish something. We are our worst critics, so it helps to have a friend or a family member to give you some feedback.

This book also gives you the tools to put your brain to work and come up with your own ideas and designs. If you only want to buy one book of miniature crafts, this one is the Oscar winner.

Although it may be difficult to believe, everything in this cover is made out of clay, except the table and the curtains.

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